How to make Valentine's Day cards.

I guess you all know how to make valentine's day greetings cards but, nevertheless, here I will give you new ideas for those who like to make them rather than buy them and I will also show you how to make them for those who have never made them before.


All we will need are:

  • Scissors.
  • Cardboard.
  • Colours (I leave this up to you as they can be markers, crayons, wooden pencils...).
  • A little imagination.

Once we have prepared all our materials, we are ready to move on.

The first thing to do is to fold the cardboard in half, in order to obtain the essential part of a card, the backing.

Next we would choose a drawing, I recommend that if it is for a girl you choose a more romantic drawing, since generally the valentine's day I can give you some ideas of drawings, such as this one, for example.

After having it traced, for those who are not good at drawing or drawing by hand, for those who are handy the only thing we would have to do is to colour it and here I give you free choice since it is only a little imagination, you can combine the colours and even put purpuline or many other things. The end would be to put a typical sentence of these dates like for example "They say that angels are the most beautiful creatures in the world. Then I must be very lucky because I have found one..." The placement of the phrase in the valentine's day card I leave it to your free choice as it will vary a lot depending on the drawing you choose, what I can recommend is that if you use the drawing that Como Hacer has recommended, you could put the phrase inside the heart.

I hope you have a wonderful valentine's day and enjoy it very much. making your own valentine's day cards.

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