How to make a printed circuit board II.

Second part of this double post for learning how to make a printed circuit boardThese are some simple steps that we must strictly follow so that the result is professional and avoids various problems, I also take advantage of this post for the third part of the metal detector, in which we will have to make the plate of the same.

- Assembly:

1- First of all, we have to design the sketch, if you don't know how to do it, here you can find the programme I use to create the designs, it is very simple and intuitive, this sketch, you have to print it on the couche paper sheet with the laser printer. When printing it, bear in mind that on whose face it should goyou know, the mirror effect.

Paper circuit

2- Then we start to work on the preparation of the plate, we take the steel wool, we sand the whole surface of the plate, until it is completely polished and then we file the edges of the plate, as shown in the image.

Sanded copper plate

Sanding copper plate edges

3- Now it's time to iron the sketch printed on the couche paper to the plate, place the couche paper on top of the plate as shown in the image and iron it as if it were a T-shirt, be very careful not to give it too much heat, it could deform the tracks. To know if it is ready what you must do is to check one of the corners, when it is glued, you must wait for it to cool down, so that it doesn't burn when you touch it (this point is very important). When you have checked it, it will be ready for the next step.

Make it a good match

Copper plate ironing process

Ironed copper plate

4- This step does not have much history, the only thing we have to do is to introduce the plate in hot waterto peel off the paper and not the ink. When we put it in, we will scrape off the paper little by little as it weakens, be careful not to jerk or you will bring back the tracks.. Then trim the plate around the edges.

Soaked plate

It comes out luxurious

Printed circuit board

Cut-out printed circuit board

5- Now we will start with the chemical attack, first fill the ClFe (Ferric Chloride) canister with water and wait until the pellets dissolve, then fill the canister (TuperWare) where we will attack the plate. Place the aquarium diffuser connected to the compressor with a silicone tube at the bottom of the canister, it is also advisable to heat the solution in a bain-marie. In about five or ten minutes the plate will be ready, anyway. you will have to keep an eye on it to prevent it from eating more copper. on one side than on the other, you can help yourself with the plastic clip.

Assembly for making printed circuit boards

Printed circuit board attack process

6- When you see that all the copper has been eaten, take out the plate, put it in water to remove the remains of ClFe, and with a cloth and solvent, remove the remains of ink that are stuck to it. Then, we make the holes for the pads with a dremel or small drill.

Clean ClFe

Remove solvent.

Drilling pads

With this, we will have our printed circuit board ready, the next step would be to solder the components, but that needs no explanation.


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  1. very good post!!! I made it at home with the technique of couche paper and it turned out great!!!! a hug!!!!

  2. Hi, I would like to know if I can use a bond sheet to make the circuit board printout, or should I use a special type of paper, on another page I read that it had to be a couche paper. Also, can I use an inkjet printer and not a laser printer?
    Thank you very much for your reply and congratulations for the site.

  3. hey alberto, can i replace the dremmel type drill with a normal drill? the dremmel costs a lot of money.

  4. ta very detailed byenn i am a teacher i understood it although some details but bye rating 8

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