How to make clay figures

Clay is a material widely used in the creation of handicrafts. Its great facility to adopt shapes makes it a fantastic element to give shape to our ideas. Today we will explain some simple tricks to make figures with clay and get a good result.

How to make clay figures

There are a number of methods by which we can model clay. Usually the initial modelling is done with a potter's wheel or directly by moulding the clay with the hands. The first system is much more convenient, especially if we are going to make some kind of container. The turning of the lathe will allow us to apply almost perfect curves on the surface. It is usually useful to model on a cloth so that the figure does not stick to the surface.

In addition to thinking about what modelling system is equally important is to have some tools that make it easier for us to capture the details we want. Normally, a few sticks of different thicknesses, a cutting tool or an awl will suffice. These elements will allow us to access the most complicated parts.

After setting out the initial basics, it is also useful to have some strategies to facilitate the process:

Sketch of the resultIf we want to make a figure, the best way to keep it in mind is to make a sketch that allows us to approximate the expected result.

Hollow areasIf we need to make a hollow area inside the clay we can use an inflated balloon and put clay on its surface. When it dries we only have to prick the balloon to obtain the expected result.

Complicated figuresIf we want to build a complicated figure we can divide it into parts and then join them together. This will reduce the complexity of the process.

PaintingWhen the figure is dry we can paint it with any type of paint or varnish.

Improve elasticityIf we want to make modelling easier, we can moisten our hands.

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