How to make concrete

Nowadays all modern structures and buildings that we can see as we walk down the street are usually made of concrete. This material has become the best material for foundations due to its high strength. Today we will explain how concrete is created and the materials you will need to make it at home..

How to make concrete

The materials are as follows:


As you can see in the picture, concrete is composed of cement, sand and gravel. The quality of the concrete depends on how well the mixture is mixed.. The section on the type of mixture is very important, as we must achieve a suitable mixture through the addition of water.

Normally when working with concrete on a professional level, large concrete mixers are used which remove the mass without allowing it to become hard, however, mixing can be done in a bucket or directly on the surface where the concrete is to be poured..

Concrete mix

The process The mixing method is as follows:

- We spread gravel and then sand on top of it.

- We mix the two previous materials.

- Pour in the cement and stir the mixture again.

- Now, using water, we adapt the dough to the type of surface we are going to make.

A variant of concrete is reinforced concrete, which is often used in foundations. It is based on the inclusion of a wrought iron frame in the centre of the surface that increases the strength of the structure.

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  1. hello i need to finish an irrigation canal but because of the access it is difficult for me to raise the concrete. any ideas please?

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