How to make paper crafts

Paper is a commodity used all over the world for all kinds of things. Our life is surrounded by information captured in this medium. Today we bring you an article for the little ones in which we will explain you how to make paper crafts.

How to make paper crafts

Figures with paper rods

These types of crafts are very common in high school work. The paper rods are very strong and are often very good for building small models of bridges, buildings, etc.

For building the rods We just roll the sheets of paper from one corner to the other. Finally we put a drop of glue on the corner.

Once all the rods have been made, we can build our model by gluing them together with glue or small rubber bands.

Paper bridge


It is also very common to making puppets out of paper or cardboard. Normally the latter option is more common due to the strength of the material.

Making them is very simple. We draw a picture on a piece of paper and stick it onto a piece of cardboard. Finally we put a stick to hold the puppet. We can also personalise it with a piece of cloth or wool.

Paper figures

We can also make paper figures by origami. This art is very common in places like Japan where there are even competitions. Normally to make them you don't need much more than a pair of scissors and a bit of skill.

There are many types of figures that can be consulted on websites such as this one.

As always, remember that you can go to our forum to ask any questions you may have.

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