How to make figures for our nativity scene

During the Christmas holidays, many people build nativity scenes in their homes to represent biblical scenes in the most original way possible. One of the most original things is the construction of the figures. In today's article we will explain how to make your own nativity scene figures using very simple materials.

How to make figures for our nativity scene

To build our own personalised figures we need the following basic materials:

- Clay.

- Gypsum.

- Scissors.

- Brushes.

- Wax.

- Painting utensils.

To make the figure we will initially use clay as it is more malleable and we will get a better result. If we want to duplicate the figure we can build a mould on the clay and then fill it with plaster.

Modelling figures with clay is very simple, we only have to moisten it and give it the shape we want. To achieve a good result it is advisable to have elements that allow us to cut and detail shapes in the figure (sticks, knives, etc.).

Once we have achieved our figure we can to make a mould to make replicas of them as many times as we wish. To do this, we only have to cover the whole piece with aluminium foil and spread plaster over it. In order to be able to separate the mould later, it is important that the plaster remains in two pieces.

Once we have obtained the mould, we only have to spread a little wax on its walls and, after letting it dry, fill the mould with plaster.

When the figure is dry (in clay or plaster), all that remains to be done is paint it completely and add a few decorations with pieces of cloth, straw, etc.

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  1. Hello, how do you dry the clay, in case you don't put it in the oven? Is there any way to work it without baking the figures?

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