How to make football shields in cross stitch

Cross stitch is a very ancient art that has been very successful among all forms of knitting. Even nowadays this technique is used in a great number of garments. Today, taking advantage of the great importance that football has acquired in the world, we are going to teach you how to cross stitch the crest of your favourite team.

How to make football shields in cross stitch

First we will list the elements we need:

Cross stitch needles.

Cross stitch needles

Cross stitch fabric.

Threads of colours.

Pattern of the figure we wish to weave.

In this article we provide you with the pattern of the Real Madrid crest and the Barcelona. If you are interested in one in particular, just ask for it.

That said, you may be wondering: what does each item in the pattern mean? In the following image you can see all the details:

Real Madrid Coat of Arms

As you can see, understanding the pattern is very simple. Something to bear in mind when we are going to knit it is the position of each square If we get confused in one of them, it will be quite time-consuming to undo the changes.

The next step is to understand how the wefts are made in our fabric. To do this we must follow a series of strategies that will allow us to gradually obtain the final figure. In the following video you will find the steps to follow to obtain all kinds of shapes. The most important ones are to fill squares horizontally and obliquely.

Remember that, as always, you can consult our forum for any questions you may have.

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  1. Michelangelo

    Hello, I would like to make the shield of Recreativo de Huelva as it is about to disappear, I would like to have this souvenir.
    thank you.

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