How to make halloween costumes

Halloween is a holiday that originated in Ireland and has gradually spread to countries all over the world. On this day people go out on the streets dressed up as the dead and evil characters to scare people and perform the traditional trick or treat. Today we will give you some tips on how to easily build your own Halloween costumes. And if you don't want to complicate your life, you can look on Amazon in case you see one you like at a good price.

How to make halloween costumes

In a good Halloween costume there are two main parts: the clothes we wear y how we characterise our face. Without a mixture of these two things the costume will be incomplete.

For making the clothing nothing special is needed. We all have old clothes at home that can be cut or pierced as much as we want. For example, if we are going to dress up as a ghost, we can find some very long fabric (like a curtain) that is no longer in use and adapt it to our needs.

In terms of characterisation of the face The essential things we must have are different coloured crayons, a wig that suits the costume (we can make it ourselves with a hair net and some wool) and special glue for the skin (which can be found in any costume shop).

That said, we offer you some costume ideas for this halloween:

Vampire. Clothing: White shirt, black trousers, red bow tie and large black cloak. Characterisation: Face painted all white, sharp fangs in mouth and some blood around it.

Frankenstein. Clothing: Dark suit, torn in places. Characterisation: Green face with some black scars and two large bolts attached to the neck or head.

Death. Clothing: Completely black tunic. Characterisation: White face with dark circles under his eyes and a scythe in his hands.

Pumpkin. Clothing: Pumpkin-shaped costume. Orange T-shirt with drawn face and green arms and legs. Characterisation: Green hat.

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