How to make shell crafts

During the summer holiday period many people decide to relax on the beach away from their work and their problems. Some of the most characteristic and attention-grabbing elements of this landscape are the shells. These small objects can be used to to make a large number of handicrafts. Today we will explain some of them.

How to make shell crafts

Shell chests

This is a craft that often looks great on our furniture for storing small items.. To build shell chests we just need to make (or buy) a wooden or hard cardboard box and line it with shells glued with glue. Finally we give a little varnish to get a professional result.

Shells boats

Boats are a very typical element of the beach. We can construct small representations of them using shells of different shapes and some glue.. For example, we can use a conch shell to build the hull of the boat and some large shells for the sails. In addition, for a better result, we can use pieces of rope or some fabric to decorate.

Paintings with shells

We can also use the shells to decorate our frames. For this we can use a technique similar to that of chest making.

Another way to make use of our shells in paintings is to replacing the typical photos with figures made from shells. All we need is a little imagination to create an original content on cardboard. Then we put the cardboard in the frame and everything is ready to surprise our acquaintances.

Watches with shells

To make use of large shells we can use them for decorating wall clocks with them. All we have to do is insert the mechanism into the shell and draw a personalised design on it. For example, we can draw a sunset and use two thin, elongated shells as hands.

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