How to do magic tricks easily

The magic dupes us all. We learned a few months ago to card magic. Today we will use more elements: chalk and chopsticks.

making magic

The magic chalk

Before starting the trickGrate some red chalk onto a small plate. Moisten the tip of the middle finger of your right hand, so that some of the chalk sticks to it. Now let's go to the show.

magic with chalk

We ask the "victim" how long it takes for the blood to go around the human body. We answer ourselves: ten seconds. We ask the other person to place their arms stretched out in front of them, to put their right hand on top of their left hand and to clench their fists. We place a bit of chalk on the back of the hand in front of the participant's eyes. Then we count to ten and ask him to open his hands. In the left palm there will be red chalk.

Why? The trick It is as easy as the moment we have asked him to stretch out his arms, we timidly take his left hand with our right hand (remember, where we have chalk) and subtly impregnate it.

Trick with chopsticks

This magic trick It requires a bit of skill, but it is very simple and often leaves onlookers speechless. We simply need a toothpick and a felt-tip pen. At one end we draw a black dot. At the same end, but on the reverse side, we draw two little dots. As you can see in the picture, but on the same toothpick:

magic with chopsticks

Now we show the side with a circle to our spectators and tell them to look closely to see that there is only one ball. We turn it over with a twist of the wrist and we see that on both sides there is only one circle. It is advisable that the twist is not too fast so that we have time for the twist. How? Because while we turn it over, we subtly twist the stick by rubbing our thumb and forefinger.

In this way the spectators are convinced that on both sides there is only one circle. Now we put the other hand on top of the stick, to cover it, and we make sure that with our magical powers we will make a second circle appear. While it is covered we turn the chopstick the same way (rubbing index finger and thumb), move the hand away and... voilà! Trick completed.

If you want to tell us about your magical" experiencesYou can share them on the forum.

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  1. To achieve the tricks you have to practice for many hours so that everything comes naturally.

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