How to make magnetic levitation

One of the most attractive effects of magnetism is the famous magnetic levitationwhich is usually achieved when two or more magnetic fields collide, generating a force that can overcome the force of gravity, causing an object to literally float in the air. In this article, we will look at how to do magnetic levitation with a simple experiment that we can do quickly at home.

doing magnetic levitation


- Four AA batteries.

- One CD.

- A can of soda.

- A coin (preferably copper) or paper clip weighing no more than 2 g.

- A piece of cardboard or a playing card.

- A brick-type cellular (mobile) phone (not SAR-compliant)

demonstration of magnetic levitation


To carry out our magnetic levitation experiment, we must fix two AA batteries by their negative pole to the bottom of the can (with the help of adhesive tape) and the positive poles free. We verify that this part of the can (made of aluminium) is free of paint, if not, we must clean it of paint with the help of sandpaper.

Once the AA batteries are fixed, we take a CD and with adhesive tape, we fix the negative poles of the batteries to the surface of the disc, leaving the positive poles free.

Next, attach the coin or paper clip (make sure it weighs no more than 2 g) to a piece of cardboard or a playing card.

Now, place the tin in front of the CD at a distance of about 5 cm, and place the cardboard or playing card with the metal object we have previously fixed on the batteries of the CD.

Now we have our experiment almost ready, we only need to turn on the mobile phone (mobile), extend its antenna (if it has one) and place it to one side of the CD, with the antenna directed to the space between the two batteries fixed on the CD. We call the mobile phone, let it ring and watch the card start to rise. We can move the can closer or further away to see how the magnetic field lifts or lowers the card. We can visualise how it works in this video.

Shock of magnetic fields

How it works

The intersection of the magnetic fields acting on the coin or paper clip generates a repulsive force towards the metal object of such a magnitude that it becomes much greater than the force exerted by the acceleration of gravity. In this way, the metal object is pushed into the air and floats in the air as if it were a kind of flying object.

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