How to juggle

Today we will show you how to handling juggling balls. In the article on making anti-stress balls you can see how to make rice balls that will help you to learn this fun technique.

Many people think that juggling is very difficult, but anyone who knows the first move will be able to fascinate anyone who wants to do it, as we only have to repeat the first move over and over again.

There are several juggling techniques that differ in their complexity and the balls used:

3-ball waterfall

This technique uses 3 balls and its fundamental movement is to pass the ball from one hand to the other. approximately at head height.

Step 1 to juggle.

When we manage to send the ball from one side to the other without dropping it, all we have to do is add balls and repeat the movement. preventing them from colliding with each other. With two balls it will be easy as we will use one hand for each ball.

Step 2 to juggle.

Finally, we proceed to perform the technique with the three balls. To do this we put two of them in one hand and the remaining one in the other hand. The movement starts with the hand in which we have two of them and continues with the other hand. So, after throwing the three balls, the order will change and we will have two of them in the opposite hand. We keep repeating the movement always starting with the hand with the most balls until we can do the repetitions all in a row.

Step 3 to juggle.

4-ball waterfall

In my opinion this technique is simpler than the previous one because, even if you have more balls, there is not the same danger of collision.

This exercise is always based on the same movement: With two balls in the same hand, we throw one upwards and, before it returns to our hand, we throw the other.. This movement must be mastered with both the left and the right.

Step 4 to juggle.

Step 5 to juggle.

When we have the necessary mastery we proceed to join the two hands. In principle we throw the balls 2 by 2 simultaneously.

Step 6 to juggle.

If we want to make it more exciting, we can try launching them non-simultaneously.

Step 7 to juggle.

As you can see with the necessary coordination and order, we can juggle like professionals.. We just need patience and practice.

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  1. Excellent tutorial, I only learnt with 3, and with 4 they always fall off, I think it's a matter of practice =/

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