How to make aluminium move with a magnet

Aluminium is a metal that is not naturally attracted by the magnetic field of a magnet. There is a fairly simple science experiment, which is based on the use of magnetic fields to make an aluminium object be moved by a magnet. Today, we will look at how to move aluminium with a magnetThe first step in a basic experiment is to create a simple and easy-to-understand experiment.

Moving an aluminium container with a magnet



- A large plate.

- An aluminium baking dish.

- Water.

- Thread.

- A magnet.

Procedure for moving the aluminium with the magnet

magnetic field

In order to achieve move the aluminium container with a magnetic fieldThe first thing we are going to do is to take a large, deep plate and fill it with water. Then, we place the aluminium container floating on the water, in this way, we will be able to push aside the resistance of the ground and the container will be able to move freely.

Next, we tie the magnet to a piece of string strong enough so that it won't break and the magnet won't fall off. Now comes the real fun: we hang the magnet inside the container and start spinning it rapidly clockwise, the faster we spin the better. After a few seconds, we will see how the aluminium container starts to rotate in the opposite direction to the movement, following the trajectory of the magnet.

magnetic field

Now, we turn the magnet in the opposite direction, and we can see how the container rotates in the opposite direction as if it were guided by the magnet. Thus, we will achieve that an aluminium object can be moved by a magnet, artefacts that usually do not attract this type of objects.

How it works

The operation of this experiment is really simple: by rotating the magnet inside the container, a magnetic field is created around the walls of the container. This container, due to the properties of the metal (Aluminium), tries to annul the effects of the magnetic field, generating induced currents in the opposite direction, which generates the movimiento of the container as if it were magnetised.

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    Hi. What you explain is very illustrative, but all the experiments I have seen on youtube that replicate what you explain indicate that the container rotates in the same direction as the magnet and not in the opposite direction as indicated here.

    Best regards.

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