How to make party favours

One of the favourite things for young people is the celebration of parties as it allows them to relax from their obligations and have a good time meeting new people. A very typical thing at a party is to decorate and attract attention. Today we will explain how to make some party items.

How to make party favours

Confetti cannon

Confetti it always adds a touch of colour to the festivities and it is very surprising when it is blown out of the water with a cannon.. Surely you have seen the characteristic confetti tubes that cause a small explosion to launch the confetti.

Making a confetti cannon is very simple. We only need to find a canister that we can fill with compressed air and cap it.. Then we glue the canister to one end of a hard cardboard tube and fill it with confetti. When we want all the contents to shoot out we only have to remove the lid of the canister with compressed air and everything will shoot out.


They are very typical, especially at carnival or New Year's Eve parties. To make them we only need a hair net and decorate it completely with some kind of fabric such as wool.. Once everything is glued we can finish the job with a couple of sprays to personalise the wig with bright colours.

Paper decorations

Coloured paper together with a pair of scissors can be the perfect way to decorate a whole party. To achieve surprising decorations we only have to fold a piece of paper in half a couple of times and make small cuts until you get a shape you like.. When we undo the folds we will see a beautiful result. Paper rings can be used to join the decorations together.

Paper decorations

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  1. This is a good proposal but I didn't understand the confetti cannon, it would be good if you could put an image to understand it better 😀.

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