How to make bombs with Mentos candies and Coca Cola.

Today I'm funny, and I bring you a couple of funny tricks to play a joke on some of your friends with the mythical system of Mentos and Coca Cola. And for lack of one, two different pranks so that you can have a great time. Let's start with the one I liked the most, the one about the colleague who pours a bit of soft drink on himself:
Now for the second instalment of the joke, this one is a little less flashy, but in the end, it serves its purpose:

First of all, we will get the materials:

- Ice cube mould.

- Glass.

- Water.

- Coca Cola.

- Mentos.

- And a friend we don't like very much.

Pass one joke mentos or cocacola

Now we prepare the ice cubes with the Mentos candies inside:

Step 2 joke mentos and coke

We prepare the soft drink and quickly take it to our colleague so that it doesn't explode on us:

Paso tres joke mentos and coke

After a while, we will see our friend a bit wet with Coca Cola, hehehe.

Step four joke mentos and coke

A couple of good pranks with Mentos to keep in mind when you're having a party, for example.

5 thoughts on “Como hacer bombas con caramelos Mentos y Coca Cola.”

  1. Alberto Navarro

    @aldair, mentos are the only candy I know of that reacts with coke.

    @car, thank you very much, we'll be careful!!!!

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