How to make various origami figures or cut-outs.

Today, while surfing the net, I came across some curious pages for making origamiThe most curious thing is that they teach you everything from how to make a doll to paper aeroplanes.

Here I will make a small compilation of some of these pages and try to explain how these funny gadgets are made. Having said that, let's get started:

1º How to make Readymech dolls.


These are some pretty funny cut-outs, which I'm sure will be funnier for the little ones, but I loved them too, even though I'm a big girl.

Making these adorable paper dolls is not very difficult, just download the pdf file, print it out, cut it out and glue it on.

To download it you will only have to click on the desired doll and it will expand, which will appear below a button that says download pdf, click on this link and the download will start. Once you have downloaded the file you only have to mount it. I would like to remind you that these pdf files are completely free.

Seen in: Microsiervos

2nd How to make a HAL 9000.

Hal 9000

As you may already know, this is the incredible little character who in 2001 A Space Odyssey (by Stanley Kubrick) was always trying the patience of astronaut Dave Bowman..

The funniest thing about this cut-out is that it will look very funny on your desk, it won't talk to you but at least it will decorate your room.

Remember that you only have to download the pdf file, which is totally free, print it, cut it out and paste it to have your own HAL 9000.

Seen in: No Puedo Creer

3º How to make a paper spaceship.

Who hasn't built their own little paper army, well, here is a video, in which they teach you how to make a spaceship step by step, so that we can modernise our paper armies a little more or so that you can entertain yourselves a little.

4º How to make a variety of paper aeroplanes.

Paper aeroplane

As it could not be missing a typical origami, I also leave you an infinite collection of different models of little paper airplanes.

Well gentlemen, I hope that as always you will be encouraged to do it and that thanks to the indications given, it will be a little easier for you and as always, courage!!!!

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  1. I remember that in Microsiervos there was also a cutout to make a Defcon counter like the one for war games 🙂

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