How to make skates.

An interesting photo that you can tell at a glance how to make your own two-wheeled skatesvery simple and useful. In addition we contribute to recycling and avoid throwing away more things than necessary, the only thing you will need to make these incredible skates is a pair of old boots, a wheelchair that no longer serves and a lot, but a lot of courage to use them. If you want to see what a great invention, click on the jump.

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State-of-the-art skates

For the most naive, this is a joke, don't even think of making one of these, and much less use them, hehe, and if you do, send me the videos and photos of your falls. Greetings.

3 thoughts on “Como hacer unos patines.”

  1. si ami igual mi igual mi sueño siempre fue patinar y grasias a ti se ara realidad ese sueño que siempre e querido pense que nunca lo iba a lograr pero grasias a ti oy estoy logrrando mi sueño de verdad muchisimas grasias de verdad que esos patines estan super padres
    o well more than great parents thank you really thank you thank you

  2. hey you have helped me a lot because I have always wanted to get skates but I didn't realise that you could help me I thank you for putting up this page thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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