How to make the Weasley's (Harry Potter) magic clock.

Weasley Magic Clock

How many fans of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter saga have wished they had one of the objects that appear in the story? Surely thousands and thousands, and what better "gadget", artefact or device than the Weasley family clock? That nice clock with hands with the faces of the family members, showing where they are at all times.

Browsing around I came across several projects to realise this ingenious device, including some from Microsoft. Of these, the one that caught my attention the most was a website (yes, a whole website dedicated to this invention!) called

On this page you will find the whole project, from the initial research, to the planned future improvements, and of course, the complete procedure to do it. It is a quite complex project, which needs a lot of tools, a firm knowledge of electronics and a prodigious patience, however the final result is wonderful - I leave you a video of how the clock looks like when it is finished:

The page is in English, but it is worth checking out. If anyone brave enough to try it will forever have our admiration and of course a spectacular device.

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