How to make matches burn on any surface

Many times, we have seen on TV how matches can burn on any surface, but we see in reality that they only light on the match surface of the matchbook. Today, we will see a simple trick to to make matches burn on any surface.




- Sandpaper.

- Dropper.

- Plastic container.

- A pack of matches.

Creating our special matches

The process of creating these matches is quite simple, first of all, we take the box of matches and with the help of the sandpaper, we pick up the phosphorous paper that is on the sides of the box, we must scrape until we get as much of this material as possible.


Now, being careful not to lose this powder, we place it inside our container and with the help of a dropper we will add a few drops of water. The idea is to mix the liquid with the powder, until we obtain a kind of thick paste that we can stir with a toothpick or a manual laboratory mixer (paddle or stick).

Then, we take the matches and spread the freshly made paste on the head of each match, and let it dry on a surface for several minutes, until the paste solidifies on the head of the match.

Once the matches are dry, it is time to test them. To do this, we can pass the head of the match over any surface. On contact, the phosphorous layer will create the spark necessary for the match to burn.


Below is a video explaining this process in detail:

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  1. Mauricio Varela

    Hi! I know of some that have a b lanco point on the head of the match or matchstick, they are also a bit bigger. My problem is that I don't know, how to get them. Can someone help me pf. ?

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