How to make your own solar cell.

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Not long ago I showed you how we could make a solar panel to power whatever we want, with the disadvantage that the solar cells we had to buy them already made. Well, that's going to change thanks to a great friend of this blog (I don't remember who sent it to me, ¬¬ , but I'm sure it would be a friend), as he sent us a simple tutorial for making our own solar cells:


- Square pieces of glass.

- Titanium dioxide paste.

- Any electrolyte (e.g. potassium hydroxide in water).

- Powdered graphite (an old-fashioned pencil, come on).

- Metal clips.


1º- Put the titanium dioxide paste on the pieces of glass, as shown in the picture:

Titanium dioxide

2º- The paste is spread all over the glass leaving a thin layer (about 10 micrometres).

Dried titanium dioxide

3º- The thin layer of titanium dioxide is heated and changes its colour when it is joined to the electrolyte.

Titanium dioxide in electrolyte

4º- On the other piece of glass we apply a bit of graphite obtained from a pencil.


5º- With a paper clip, we join the two pieces of glass together, creating pressure between them.

Holding both sides of the solar cell

6º- A drop of electrolyte is moving between the crystals, the plate is alive!!!!

Impregnated solar cell

7º- The panels are connected in series as shown in the image:

Homemade solar cell

8º- Another more enlightening photo, this time connected to a calculator with several cells:

Various homemade solar cells

Needless to say, this is a simple experiment, if you were to feed an ordinary household by making these photovoltaic panelsYou would need a 1,000 square metre plot of land next to your house to make it noticeable. I hope you enjoy this curious tutorial that will delight the most curious of you.

Both glass plates (electrodes) are clamped together.

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