How to manage multiple email accounts at the same time

E-mail is one of the most widely used services on the Internet. Every day millions of people send information through their accounts. In addition, it is becoming more and more typical to have several accounts that we use depending on the field in which we move at the time. This creates the need to find a method to manage all our accounts.

Manage multiple email accounts

Thunderbird The perfect tool for people who have several accounts at the same time. It is very similar to the famous Firefox (since its creator is the same) and that offers us a simple interface to manage all our accounts. To get this application we can follow this link.

When we install it, it will ask us for a main account, but later we will be able to enter as many accounts as we wish. Thunderbird is compatible with all popular mail systems (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahooetc.), however if we use servers that are not so well known, we will have to introduce the exit addresses (SMTP) and incoming (IMAP) mailbox. This setting can be changed from: Tools/Account Settings.

Modify email servers

That said, we can begin to enter the accounts you wish to manage. The system is very simple. First, go to Account Settings as explained in the previous paragraph. Then, click on Account Options/Add email account..., a window will appear where we must enter the account.

Adding new email accounts

In the Mail configuration enter the account details and click on Continue. At this point it will perform a check of the data. We can obtain two results:

- To accept the account.

- Ask for the servers for sending and receiving e-mails: In this case we will have to introduce the SMTP and IMAP servers that we should have configured previously.

Add new email account

With this we will have configured the account and we will be ready to send and receive emails from any of our accounts from Thunderbird. As always, remember that you can ask any questions through our forum.

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  1. Very good tutorial.

    Hotmail also now allows you to create "aliases" so that you can view multiple email accounts from different providers directly from Hotmail.

    If I remember correctly with hotmail you can't use IMAP or SMTP, I think only the Plus or Max version has that option.

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