How to batch rename files in Windows

Manually renaming files on your computer can become quite a tedious task, especially if you have a large number of files. However, there is an alternative to the traditional process of renaming files one by one. This alternative is the process of batch rename filesThis will save time.

Files to rename

In this mini-tutorial, we will see how to rename several files on our hard disk using the Windows platform, in a simple batch process that any user can perform without resorting to specific programmes or applications.

Batch process

A simple definition of this type of computer processes is that they are small programs with a task or a list of tasks, which are executed on a piece of data, file or group of files automatically and without user supervision.

In our case, the Batch process will rename all files in a folder automatically, with a specific function of the operating system.

Renaming the files

To start renaming the files, we go to the folder where all the files we want to rename with the batch process are located. Next, we proceed to select them. This can be done with the mouse or simply by using a key combination.

Select the files.

Once the files to be renamed have been selected, we click on them with the right mouse button and we will see a pop-up menu appear on the computer screen. In this menu, we can find the "Rename" command, locate it and select it with a click.

Batch rename files

When you click on it, you will see that the system allows you to change the name of the first file, go to the shaded box and type the name you want to give it. Once written, press enter and the change will be made. We will see that automatically, the rest of the files will change their name using the chosen file name, followed by a numerical correlative that will go from the number 1 to the number of selected files.

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  1. pedro pacheco

    it is possible to rename each file with different names and in bulk, it is done with the help of Excel, a notepad and .bat, I am looking for it.

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