How to surf safely

The Internet is a medium used by millions of people around the world whose intentions are not always good. This is why it is very important to know some safe navigation systems. Today we will explain some of these systems that will help you to protect yourself online.

How to surf safely

One of the most widely used systems to surf the Internet securely are the Proxies.. All computers that connect to a network use an identification number that distinguishes them from the rest. Through this number, anyone can access our computer with a little bit of skill. A proxy allows you to hide your IP address by pretending to be a computer that filters your requests.

To use a Proxy in our connections we have two options: to use an Online Proxy or a specialised software. It is usually better to use specialised software as they offer more convenience and functionality. A widely used software for this purpose is Ultrasurfa programme that works in parallel to our browser and filters all requests.

Safe surfing also depends on our actions. Sensitive data should never be entered on suspicious websites.. Normally, one way to ensure that a website is reliable is to check its SSL certificate. This technology consists of introducing a certificate on the website in question that ensures and supports the veracity of the page. These certificates cannot be duplicated and are manifested with an address of the type https://.

Some antivirus also participate in safe surfing by including specialised tools. One of the antivirus that includes such tools is Mcafee with its tool SiteAdvisor which adds an icon next to each link you see that informs you of the link's safety..

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