How to open a padlock 2.


Many of you will remember that controversial video I posted about how to be able to opening a padlock without having the key, well, while browsing the internet I found another video that shows another system that seems even simpler than the previous one, have a look at it:

Simpler and much more credible, and all we need is a tin can.

5 thoughts on “Como abrir un candado 2.”

  1. cool, did you learn that in prison? because you have to have patience to dedicate yourself to such common things that in the end turn out to be very difficult xD but in reality they are as easy as opening a lock without the key ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. These padlocks certainly don't look that secure, although I don't really understand what the can I use is for, as apparently the padlock is a combination lock and not a key.

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