How to open a suitcase with a pen.


Presumably this is the system they use at airports to smuggle illegal substances into our belongings, as here at How to doWe are not in favour of people learning how to do it, we have also added a very interesting video to avoid it, be very attentive because it can save you from a big disappointment, first I show you the video for open the suitcase:

Now the system to avoid it:

As you can see, it is very simple both open the suitcase how to avoid wrongdoing, you can now travel with a lot more peace of mind.

11 thoughts on “Como abrir una maleta con un bolígrafo.”

  1. My suitcase is like the ones shown in the videos and to prevent that from happening I use kitchen film.

    At airports it is becoming more and more common to see this type of device that wraps around your suitcase to prevent it from getting dirty and rubbing. It also prevents anyone from getting into your luggage.

    Before I leave home I buy a 30m roll and I go around like crazy, so I lock the padlock to avoid scratches and it saves me a pinch at the airport.

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