How to optimise Firefox.

Thanks to our friend Warez, in the post "How to optimise Windows 7", I did some research looking for different ways to optimise and speed up Firefox. After much to-ing and fro-ing, these are the best ways I've found to get our favourite browser flying free:

Faster Firefox


- Memory Fox, an extension that is at least necessary for the normal use of Firefox. The function of this extension is none other than to retain the memory consumed by the browser and thus optimise it as far as possible.

- Vacuum Places Improved, it may seem silly, but the defragmentation of the history database and bookmarks gives our RAMs a considerable respite, that's what this extension is for.

SpeedyFoxIts function is very similar to the previous one, but this one seems to have a more continuous development. Via TecnoBita.


FireTuneThis is a desktop program without installation that was discontinued due to legal issues but still works like a charm. Its function is none other than to remove functions that, depending on who uses the browser, are totally useless.

- PigFoot, a different form of Firefox designed by fans exclusively to be faster and more efficient than the original.


- Speed up Firefox through about:config.

- Speed up Firefox through about:config 2.

- Start Firefox faster with IniFox.

- How to speed up our browser.

I hope you find these resources useful for speed up your Firefox in an effective way.

6 thoughts on “Cómo optimizar Firefox.”

  1. Thank you very much for quoting me in the entry and for taking into account the suggestion 😀.

    I'm going to try the extensions and programmes you mention to see if I can achieve any results, I hope to be able to reduce the consumption a bit as it is without Control!

    Firefox works much better on Mac. And Safari is also an excellent alternative, I recommend it!


  2. I have been using a lot of memory in firerox lately, I updated it to the latest version and it is still running, is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

    1. Alberto Navarro

      As much as they try to improve memory consumption version after version, they never quite get it right. If you want speed, I recommend Google Chrome.


    2. Rosario, that happens to "everyone". I even think it happens to many people who are so blind that they refuse to admit what their "beloved navigator" is doing.

      As a solution I recommend you to use Opera, it is faster and lighter than Chrome and more complete than Firefox with 30 extensions. Plus it doesn't bring you google spyware.

      At the beginning I thought that in Opera I wouldn't find things that I got in Fireofx via extensions, but I was wrong, for almost everything there is an alternative, it's all a matter of searching and asking on the myopera site.

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