How to orientate a satellite dish

Nowadays, satellite dishes have become very important. The installation of these antennas is very simple and will save us the money that technicians charge us for their installation.

Standard satellite dish

To orientate an antenna properly, it is necessary to TWO METHODS fundamental:

- The first is to use two people. One shall be located in the television watching to see if anything turns up and the other will go calibrating the antenna. This method may seem very rudimentary but it is very useful if you don't want to spend money on other devices.

- The second is a little more professional. It consists of using a device called SAT-FINDER (we have it in our shop at the best price). This element will be connected on each side to the antenna and will beep abruptly when it detects a satellite signal. This device is easy to use: We will be turning the little wheel that has until the device is positioned in the 1st or 2nd line. Then, as we find the signal, we will move it up to leave the arrow on the first stripes. We will repeat this process until we have the necessary signal.

Satellite dish tuner

After explaining these methods comes the easy part: orientate the antenna. As you will understand, before starting we will need an approximate plan so that we don't move the antenna around without knowing what we are looking for. On the web we will be able to extract that information.

Dishpointer screen

In the first box of the form we introduce our calle and press Go!. Then in the next box we enter the wanted satellite.... And voila, you will now have the necessary data and a map with directions.

Each datum below the map signifies an antenna position.

ElevationAntenna elevation. It is calibrated with a guide that usually appears on the dish, as shown in the photo.

Elevation adjustment.

Azimuth (true): This is the position of the coil. It is usually calibrated with a compass.

Azimuth adjustment.

LNB SkewPolarisation: This is the polarisation of the LNB. It is usually calibrated with a protractor.

LNB adjustment.

With these 3 pieces of information and the two methods outlined above we will be able to orientate the antenna perfectly to the satellite we want at any given moment.

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  4. Excellent information.

    I once helped a friend to install an antenna and I used the method of watching until something comes up on TV, but that Dish pointer certainly promises a lot, I'll see how it goes.

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