How to varnish a piece of furniture

The decoration of a house is a very important thing in order to make the people inside it feel comfortable and relaxed. A very common technique used in home decoration is the use of varnish to embellish our furniture. Today we will explain how to varnish your wooden furniture correctly.

How to varnish a piece of furniture

Before starting to apply varnish to the surface of our furniture, the following steps should be taken sanding the wood completely. To do this, use approximately 180 grit sandpaper and sand the surface very carefully, always with the grain (lines that are visible in the wood). All roughness or irregularities must be removed.

Once the surface has been sanded, the following remains clean up any dust that may have been generated using a brush. We should pay particular attention to the corners and mouldings where it may be more difficult to reach with the brush. To ensure good results we can finish off the cleaning with a damp cloth with a little turpentine.

This done, we can start varnishing. This operation is not recommended to be carried out outdoors as dust may be deposited on the surface.

When varnishing several coats will be necessary The number of coats will normally depend on the type of varnish used and the gloss to be achieved. In most varnishes the number of coats is between 3 and 5. The first coat will always be the softest and the one with the least varnish will always be used, always brushing the paintbrush in favour of the grain and alternating with perpendicular movements.

After each hand we will have let the surface dry for about 24 hours and sanding with 240 to 380 grit sandpaper.

Finally, if we wish to improve the finish even more, we can remove any possible impurities that may appear with 1500 grit sandpaper, always taking care not to scratch the surface.

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