How to paint a house

In times of crisis it is very important to reduce household expenses as much as possible. One of the expenses that we can reduce is painting the house when necessary. To reduce this expense we should simply choose to paint the house with our own hands without using professionals. Today we will give you some tips to paint your house without any problems.

How to paint a house

First of all, we must consider the colour we plan to apply on each wall and which type of paint to choose.

With regard to colour, it is important to use light tones (whites, yellows, greens, etc.) in areas with little light to highlight the light, and if you want dark colours, use them in areas with a lot of light. Something that usually looks very good and modern is to play with the colours on the walls of a room, varying them between them.

The choice of paint is also important. It is not the same to use a paint that is easily damaged and falls off as a quality paint that can be cleaned well. The best paint in general is plastic paint as it is very easy to apply and can be easily cleaned. For areas where the wall is in contact with water we can choose a waterproof paint that repels liquids.

Once you have chosen the paint you are going to apply, it arrives time to paint the walls. To do this we must first have brushes and rollers of different sizes. It is also very important to cover both the furniture and the floor with plastic and cardboard so that nothing gets dirty.

When painting it is necessary to to keep order so that the final result is perfectly uniform.. First we will paint the ceiling and then the rest of the walls. This will ensure that if a wall is stained, we can paint over the stain later. It is also important that the surface is not cracked.

Finally, all that remains is let the paint dry for several days. If we are not satisfied with the final result we can apply a second coat.

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  1. These techniques come in handy because my house needs a coat of paint, it's pretty ugly, poor thing... hahaha 😀

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