How to plan a website

How to plan a website 1

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The development of a website can be quite a difficult task if it is not properly planned. Even if you know how to program very well, you should not do everything without any order because, even if you manage to finish the website, its structure will not be adequate in case you want to modify something in the future. Today we will explain how to structure work appropriately.

How to plan a website

The first thing is create the design of our website. To this end The first thing to do is to make a very simple outline of how the different columns and sections will be laid out. There are many formats (1 column, 2 columns, an image containing everything,...). The aim of this scheme is to have a first idea of how everything will look like.

The next step is to make the design in an image editor such as photoshop or paint. The aim of this part is to prepare the final design using an editor that makes it easy to move and edit everything. If we go directly to the programming of the design, the editing will be more complicated.

This is followed by the website programming. A very important thing is to format the code properly so that it can be easily edited in the future.

The first thing we will program is the design. For this it is advisable to use HTML and CSS as they are very simple languages and easily indexable in search engines. If we use Flash, for example, our positioning will be more complicated.

The following we will introduce the contents of the website. These can be static or dynamic. If we opt for the second option, we will have to create scripts that communicate a MySQL database with the server. These web applications can be developed in PHP.

The last and most important thing is review code for bugs and vulnerabilities. Normally most of the important bugs will be found in the PHP codes as they could be used to access the server.

As always, remember that you can go to our forum to ask any questions you may have.

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