How to play "Plin

How many times have you been out on the street or at home with friends or family? not knowing what to do? Well, with a deck of Spanish cards you have enough to have a good time laughing with your friends playing Plin.

This game, also known as "Culo con plin" is a fairly simple game and the only thing you have to bear in mind is that the more people you have, the more decks you have to use.

Spanish pack of cards.

Once you have shuffled all the cards and put in the jokers (if you want to, you don't have to) you can start dealing. See all the cards are dealt and the one with the 2 of gold begins (if there is more than one deck of cards, you can cast rock, paper, scissors).

The scale of values from plus to minus of the letters in Plin is: ace, three, king, knight, jack, seven, six, five, four and two.

The starter can choose how to start, either in pairs, trios, quartets or one at a time. For example, a trio of kings can be played (the more decks of cards there are, the larger the groups will be). The logical thing to do is not to break up the groups, but you can do it whenever you need or want to.

The one who starts, let's say he starts with a pair of two deuces, the one on the right, must throw a pair, but with a higher value, for example of fours. If you roll a pair of deuces, you jump to the next pair, i.e. you take the turn of the next person to roll.It is said to have plumbed to the next one. Once people have passed because they don't want to shoot or because they don't have enough to shoot, draws the last one who has cast cards.

One of gold and three kings.

A special rule is that supposedly when the aces are rolled you can't keep rolling and the person who rolled the aces or the ace rolls but if anyone, whoever it is, has an ace or an ace, you can't roll any more aces or aces. ace of golds (if the cards have been dealt one at a time) or two or whichever, depending on how many cards have been dealt, he can start the next round.

The first who runs out of cards is President, the second Vice-PresidentThe one who has kept the cards on the last is Ass and the penultimate Vice-ChairmanIn the next game the Vice-Ass must give his best card to the Vice-President and the Vice-President must give his worst card to the Vice-Ass. With the ass and the President it is the same but with the two best cards and the two worst cards.

It should also be noted that the ass is the first to start casting in the next game.

Annotation Jokers: if you play with jokers, they cannot play the ace of golds, i.e. they do not play the aces.

Once you have mastered this game you can spend great afternoons "pique" with your friends and the time flies by. Besides, you laugh and it's quite funny because you don't let yourself be shot by plinking all the time.

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