How to play on a local network via hamachi

Nowadays multiplayer is a very important part of any game we buy. It offers a great number of possibilities apart from the typical story mode we all know. A very practical and easy way to play multiplayer is through a local network. However, this kind of infrastructure requires connecting the computers, in principle, physically. Today we will explain how to emulate a local network over the Internet..

How to play on a local network via hamachi

Hamachi is a programme that connects the computers we want to a virtual local network providing us with an IP that we will use in our connections. This IP can only be used by a private group that we control with a password.

The installation of this programme is very simple. We can get it through the following link. Once installed, you will enter an interface similar to the following:

Interface layout

As you can see on the screen we can see a IP that we will provide for people to connect to us and a section that lists the people who are connected to us at our network. If we find a user we want to delete, we can do it from this interface.

Finally, if we want to create a private network in which we have control can be done in the following way:

Create new network

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