How to play tennis

Sport is something very important in our lives as it allows us to keep fit and our organism to function much better. One sport that is gaining more and more followers is tennis. Today we will explain how the sport is played and what it takes to play it.

How to play tennis

For tennis practice we essentially need 3 things:

A clue. The tennis court is divided into several zones. The court is divided into two exactly equal parts on each of which one player is placed.

Rackets. It is important that the racquets have their strings well tensioned and that they are adapted to the weight and size that we are most comfortable with.

Tennis balls. It is important that they bounce well on the ground.

The countryside areas are as follows:

Areas of the field

The areas of the court are intended to mark the area from which the ball is to be served, the area to which the ball is to be served and the boundaries of the court.

First of all, it is important to know that tennis can be played in pairs or individually.. In the case of playing in pairs, the whole field will be available for the game. If, on the other hand, individual play takes place, the side areas of the pitch will be closed off.

Another thing we need to monitor is the serve. This is done from the baseline and should enter between the service line and the net. Also, if we serve from the left side of the baseline, the ball should go to the left side of the net and the other way round.

With these basic rules of the field in place, we can get down to the game. Before the match it is advisable to warm up a little and do a little rallying (play for a while without rules). During the game the most important thing is to always try to be in a zone that allows us to go for any ball.

The scores are very simple. The match is divided into Sets, which in turn are divided into Games in which the serve is rotated from one to the other. To win a game it is necessary to score 4 points which are numbered 15, 30, 40 and the last one gives the game. In addition, to win a game a difference of 2 points between the players is necessary. Finally 6 Games give a Set and 3 Sets give a match.

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