How to put an image as avatar.

First of all, it is a tutorial dogguie, which he very rightly did for all those who did not know how to put an image next to their comments.

My avatar

First let's start by describing what an avatar is and what it is. gravataran avatar is an identifying image that is usually used in blogs to graphically identify a specific person through their email address. And gravatar is a website that is dedicated to collect avatars of all kinds for you to enter there and choose yours, which by the way is automatic, you choose it and that's it, but how do I do it, well, like this:

1- Register for free by logging into this form the e-mail address you always use to comment.

2- Once registration has been completed, you will receive an emailwith which you will have to confirm your registration. All you have to do is click on the link they send you. You will be asked for a registration password.

3- Once on the website, look for where it says "Choose an image (below) to use for the selected email (above) or add a new one".. Click on add a new one, after which you will be presented with three options.

4- Choose the option My computer's hard driveIf you want to upload an image, select from those saved on your computer, the image that will appear in your comments. You can also upload it by providing an internet address.

5- Square the image, enlarging or reducing the area of the image. Once you have it ready, click on Crop and finish!

And that's it the website's own system will detect when you enter that email and will directly show you your personalised avatar.

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