How to prepare our car for the MOT

The MOT is often a very tough test for many cars on urban roads, either because of their age or their poor condition. Today we bring you some tips to help your car pass its MOT successfully..

How to prepare our car for the MOT

One of the most important things in a car for it to work well is to change filters and check levels on a regular basis. Normally they are changed every 6 months or so, however, it is advisable to replace them when passing the test. This will ensure that all filters are clean and reduce e.g. fumes and that the necessary fluids are present for the engine to be well cooled.

Another thing we need to change is the timing belt. Normally it is changed every 100,000 kilometres, so if we are close by it is advisable to change it for the service.

In addition, some things that are carefully taken into account in the review are as follows:

BrakesIt is essential that they work well. Any failure in them will cause us to fail the test.

Tyre pressureBefore going for a check-up it is important to check the levels. If we do not know how we should go to a specialist.

LightsAll lights must be clearly distinguishable from each other and show the correct colour. Even if the glass is damaged, if the colour is distinguishable, there should be no problem in passing the inspection.

Finally, a good way to make sure that your vehicle is in order is to consult a specialist. As always, remember that you can ask any questions you may have through our forum.

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  1. Hola, nos toca pasar la revision de nuestro peugot 306, pero el otro dia algun gracioso nos rompio los retrovisores y lo tenemos pegados con cinta aislante , asi pasa la itv'? o habria k pegarlo con algún pegamento?

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