How to prepare our car for winter

Winter is a time of year when many vehicles stop working due to the cold and precipitation. In today's article we give you some tips on how to keep your vehicles in good condition throughout the winter.

How to prepare our car for winter

In winter, the cold is a great enemy of the fluids in our vehicles, especially the coolants. It is therefore very important that during the winter our engine has sufficient antifreeze fluid and oils. to avoid problems.

If we are driving on a day when it has snowed or rained a lot, we must remove all snow or water from all mirrors and windows of the car. If it is difficult to remove it, we can use a little hot water to weaken the ice.

When we go to take the car too it is important to keep the engine running for a few minutes. so that all the parts are warmed up and not subjected to sudden stresses. This will also allow time for all the engine fluids to be distributed through all the ducts.

Visibility in winter is very important due to the high amount of precipitation and the longer hours of night time, so it is important to be able to see the road ahead at all times of the year. lights must be in perfect working order whenever we go out drivingincluding fog lights, which are necessary in heavy snow and rain.

If chains are to be used at any time necessary, it is important to remove them when there is no more snow especially when driving on asphalt. If we forget to remove them, the tyres will suffer a lot of damage.

If we do not use the car for some time, it is advisable to start the car for a few minutes every week to prevent the belts from cracking and the ducts from deteriorating. A very typical winter phenomenon is that the hoses freeze up a bit during frost and when starting the car some leaks appear.

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