How to recover a lost mobile phone or laptop

The world of computing has advanced very rapidly in recent years to the point where it is in everything we do. This means that on many occasions we save sensitive data on our equipment that is dangerous to lose. Today, we bring you an article in which we will explain how to recover your mobile phone or laptop in case of loss or theft.

How to recover a lost mobile phone or laptop

When we find ourselves in a situation where an electronic device is lost or stolen, the first thing to do is to securing our sensitive data that may be inside it. For example, if there are card numbers, we should go to the bank to cancel them to avoid surprises.

Once this is done, it is time to locate our portable device. A few months ago, a very practical application for these issues appeared called Prey. To use it we only need the portable device to be connected to the Internet so that in case we want to know where our mobile or laptop is.

To download Prey, simply go to their website and download the app that matches your device. Prey is available for Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS and Windows.

Once the programme has been installed and an account has been created, we can use all the programme's options. In the event that our device is lost or stolen, all we have to do is to access our account from a computer and activate the alert system..

From this we will receive continuous alerts of the position of our device every time it connects to the Internet and we will be able to access the camera of the mobile or laptop to see images of the place where it is.

Once we have obtained the necessary information to know where our device is, all we have to do is to offer them to the authorities who will be responsible for bringing it back to us.

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