How to reduce electricity consumption

With the arrival of summer, electricity consumption shoots up for reasons such as the use of air conditioners or the more free time we have due to the holidays. Today we bring you some ideas for reducing energy consumption and thus reduce our bill a little and, more importantly, help the planet.

How to reduce electricity consumption

One of the best ways to reduce consumption in a considered way is to turning electronic equipment completely off when not in use. If we are absent or are doing something that does not allow us to attend to the device, it is advisable to turn it off or at least put it in standby mode.

Another way to save energy is to replace some electrical appliances by natural means. Examples include the following:

- Open the blinds so that lights do not need to be switched on.

- Open windows to replace the use of air conditioning (especially at night).

- Install solar panels or windmills to generate electricity ourselves.

One of the places where most electricity is consumed is in the kitchen. Appliances used to heat food, such as the oven or hob, often account for a large part of our bills. One way to save energy in the kitchen is to use a cooker that uses gas instead of electricity, or a cooker that uses gas instead of electricity. heating food with the microwave instead of the oven.

In addition to taking some actions to reduce consumption, it is also important to let's invest in energy-efficient technologies. If it is time to renew an appliance in our home we can consider the possibility of spending a little more at the time of purchase in order to spend less on our bills.

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  1. There are devices to measure the electricity consumed in a household and to monitor consumption. I use an electricity consumption meter with some accessories that I bought, which is a great invention, by the way.

    Saving electricity is often underestimated because it does not represent an important part of consumption. It should be clear that the economic cost is not the only cost of electricity. The environmental costs of electricity consumption are also considerable, for example, CO2 emissions and waste and radioactive emissions from nuclear reactors.

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