How to remove scratches from a CD or a screen.

From what I have seen on the web, there are many types of procedures for removing scratches from a screen or cd.

The truth is that I don't really know if they all work or not, since I have only tried some of them and also because there are some others that seem crazy to me.

In the following I will explain the methods and the process involved in each one.

1º With banana.

According to my compilation, this procedure works for both CDs and screens, it is a very feasible home remedy with very good results (according to what I have read), the truth is that I have not tried this procedure, so I can't tell you for sure if it is the best method. In any case, I will explain how to do it:

  1. We take the screen or the CD and a piece of banana, we rub it well for a while (be careful, you have to be patient) so that the banana is well spread over the entire surface of the screen.
  2. Then we must repeat the same process but instead of the banana, we must use the banana peel.
  3. Then remove the banana with a dry cloth.
  4. Then wipe with a cloth dampened with glass cleaner for best results.

2º With toothpaste.

This is, in my opinion, a more reliable procedure, as I have done it myself and it worked on both the CD and the screen. By this I mean that, in my opinion, it is the most effective home remedy for remove scratches from a CD or screen.

The procedure is very simple, here I explain it to you:

  1. Take the appliance to be repaired and spread some toothpaste on it, spreading it well with the help of a cloth.
  2. Then, with a soft cloth, you polish it. The most important thing in this step is that you do it gently and above all that you have patience, as this process can take a little while.
  3. The procedure for spreading the toothpaste is from the inside out and in straight strokes for best results.

3º With displex.

It is a polishing paste which allows us to remove scratches in a quick and easy way.

Here I must inform you that this process is usually used to remove scratches from a screen, although according to my information it can also be used for CDs, but I cannot guarantee that it will work properly.

The procedure to follow is:

  1. Pour a little displex into the appliance to be repaired.
  2. Polish with a cotton cloth, applying a little pressure, for a few minutes.
  3. Then wipe the screen or the CD with a soft cloth and you're done.

4º With car scratch removal paste.

This liquid is intended to remove small scratches from a car, but it can still be useful when it comes to remove a small scratch from our cd.

The procedure to follow is very simple:

  1. Take some absorbent paper  (like the one usually used in the kitchen) and put some pasta in it.
  2. Then rub the cloth (with the paste) with the CD for about 2 or 3 minutes. Here I would advise you to do it in circles to be more effective.
  3. Then clean the CD with a dry cloth and water and let it dry for testing.

I hope that it has helped you and that you will finally be able to remove scratches of your favourite cd's and computer screens. Good luck.

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  1. the best for this is titanlux liquid polish with a cotton swab and then wipe it off with a soft cloth on the hands of the watch to disguise it a little and you can't see the fault when it is on.

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