How to remove rust from a metal part

The rust is usually one of the most important enemies of metals such as iron. It is usually caused by the reaction of carbon dioxide with water producing calcium carbonate. In today's article we bring you some methods that will help you to clean your metal parts of this annoying companion. Before removing the rust it is usually a good idea to remove it a little with a brush (not a wire brush) or a rag so that the products can work better.

How to remove rust from metal

A very practical solution, and perhaps the most famous one, is to immerse our metal parts in Coca-Cola. It is a fairly cheap remedy and will leave the entire surface shiny. The explanation is that its powerful acid (with a pH of 3.44) together with its gas will dissolve the rust in a similar way to what our stomach does with food.

Rust removal with Coca-Cola

Another way to remove the rust is by applying deoxidising products. These products usually require rubbing the metal part for a few minutes with a cloth dampened with it and then drying the object. It is a system similar to that used for polishing silver.

Rust removal with rust remover

After removing the rust, we must never forget to apply a product to prevent it from reappearing. A good way would be to apply a special rust-fighting paint or varnish of some kind. These products must always be applied with a completely smooth and clean surface.

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4 thoughts on “Cómo quitar óxido de una pieza metálica”

  1. wow, I've been told that coke can remove rust, but I didn't think it was true, until I saw this.

  2. Excellent!

    I actually knew about the magical properties that Coca-Cola can be used for, such as unlocking locks, but I had no idea that it could act against rust.

    Very good indeed!

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