How to remove the search bar from Youtube videos.

Have you seen the new search bar that Youtube has put on its videos from other websites, quite annoying don't you think? Well, in this post I bring you the solution just by adding a parameter (&showsearch=0) in the code we copy for our website, here is an example:

In this code everything seems normal, but it is not:

In it there's the damn search bar:

Search bar

But here is the solution, another video code that looks normal, but is not:

<param name="movie" value="">

And tachán, the bar is gone, if you liked it, thank IlMaistro for this mini tutorial, ála.

3 thoughts on “Como quitar la barra de búsqueda de los vídeos de Youtube.”

  1. Alberto Navarro

    Indi, if you notice, this entry is almost two months old, at that time it couldn't be done, that's why I published it. Of course, now, it is inconsequential, but on December 10th, when the entry was published, it was quite useful.


  2. The contribution is inconsequential. It is something you can do on youtube directly.
    It would be interesting if one could remove some functions like fullscreen which now on some sites doesn't work and they send you to the site and take you away from yours.
    But I don't find that useful for that you go to the you tube video and tell him not to put it and don't touch the code.

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