How to obtain a B driving licence

Cars have become a means of transport used by millions of people around the world. When it comes to getting a driver's licence, there are many questions about how to get one. Today we will explain how the driving test works and the different systems by which we can obtain it.

How to obtain a B driving licence

The driving test is divided into three main parts: the theoretical test, the practical test and the psychological test. The latter can be obtained from any centre specialising in these matters.

After passing this test, we will proceed to the theoretical test. It works as follows:

- If we pass the test on the first try, we will have a chance without renewing papers for the practical test.

- If we pass the second time, we will have to renew our papers in the practical exam.

- If we pass the second chance, we will have to renew our papers.

The test can be prepared at home, saving the cost of registration fees and books at the driving school. However, it is advisable to use these specialised centres because you will have a teacher on hand at all times to answer your questions.

With regard to the practical testconsists of a test in which an examiner will analyse your skills on the street. In order to prepare for this test, it is essential to use a vehicle with dual controls. We can use a professional or someone we know as a teacher as long as the vehicle used has the control system mentioned above.

At this point it is also advisable to use a professional as the cost of the necessary equipment is quite high. In addition, the driving school will take care of all the paperwork.

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