How to repair dead pixels on a screen.

Repair dead pixelsI suppose that everyone who has a laptop or a TFT screen will have experienced the problem of the dead pixels and which are not usually covered by the guarantee of our products. Well, I bring you JScreenFixa Java program (i.e. it works on any OS), which allows us, by "brute force", to wake up or at least try to wake up the dead pixels of our devices.

Its operation is very simple and effective, we just have to open the application and click on Launch JScreenFix, then an animation will appear (be careful, it can make us dizzy when we look at it), which changes colour very quickly and that we will have to resize and place in the area where our dead pixels are. Bear in mind that the longer the application is running, the more chances we will have of recovering our dead pixels.

4 thoughts on “Como reparar los pixels muertos de una pantalla.”

    1. Alberto Navarro

      It depends on the type of problem, there is no guarantee that it will even work, but it is a test for cases where nothing else can be done.


  1. Alberto Navarro

    @etnos I fixed the wrong link for you, thanks for the contribution!!!

    @Irma It sounds silly in principle, but it's actually a very good way to fix these annoying bugs.


  2. I had a macbook that had a dead pixel and with this application I managed to reactivate it.

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