How to repair scratches on your car's paintwork

One of the things that most often bothers us when we buy a car is scratches in the paintwork. These scratches can have a number of causes, both natural and man-made, and their repair will depend on the depth of the scratch. Today we will show you how to repair annoying scratches in a simple way..

How to repair scratches on car paintwork

As mentioned before, the difficulty of the repair process lies in the scratch depth. It is not the same to remove a scratch that has not reached the metal part of the bonnet as one that has.

In the case of a slight damage We can apply a little polish to the scratch and rub with a cloth. If we are lucky the damage will disappear and we are done.

Scratch polish

If the damage is more serious we will have to repaint the damaged area. To do this, we will first remove rust and dirt that may have appeared over time around the scratch. Scratches are normally rust-prone areas.

The next step is to apply some layers of enamel on the sheet metal for a more professional end result.


After leaving it to dry we must look up the paint code of our car and go to a garage to get the exact colour for your car. This code usually appears under the bonnet. If we cannot find it, we can consult the vehicle's instruction booklet.

Once the painting has been achieved, apply several coats on top of the glaze We then leave it to dry for about a week.

Finally we can apply polish to remove any possible irregularities that may have appeared in the paint application.

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      I have heard that this pen reflects the colour of the paint and makes the scratches invisible.

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