How to change headphone jack

The headphones of our mobile phone or music player often stop working over time due to falls, shocks or simply their continuous movement. A defect that usually appears is the breakage of its connection plug (jack). Today we will show you how to replace this part with a new one and continue to enjoy your headset..

The process is very simple, all we have to do is remove the wires from the old plug and connect them to the new one..

The materials to be used in the process are as follows:

Jack connector.


Soldering iron and tin.


First prepare the cable of the helmets to be able to insert the new plug.. To do this we cut the cable to remove the old plug and make a cut about 3 centimetres from the edge of the cable in the cable, taking care not to damage the three internal wires.

Before soldering anything it is important to insert the plug cover If we forget it, we will not be able to introduce it later.

At this point we will get 3 cables with different functions:

– El gold is the earth.

– El green is the left hull cable.

– El red is the right hull cable.

These 3 wires will be soldered to the new jack plug as shown in the picture below:

Circuit diagram

Once welded together, all that remains is test if the sound is coming through correctly to the helmets and finally incorporate the plug trim.

Remember that if you have any questions you can ask them in the forum and we will solve them without any problem.

36 thoughts on “Cómo cambiar clavija de auriculares”

  1. German Romero

    Good afternoon, I want to put a plug or jack 3.5 to a pair of speakers, I would like to know how to connect it, I know that 2 wires are connected to ground but which are the ones that come out of the positive or the ones that come out of the negative of the speakers? Thank you very much.

  2. Good, I wanted to know if it was possible to change the type of connector of a headphone by a connector of another type, ie micro USB connector to 3.5 mm jack for example, is that I have a headset with the connector mentioned and are incompatible with my music devices, then I want to adapt the 3.5 mm jack to use them, the question is ... can you, thank you for your response.

  3. If there is no reading with the voltmeter, as long as we are measuring the correct wire, I suggest that you gently burn the pints of all the wires with a soldering iron to remove the insulation.

  4. Keep measuring the continuity to be able to recognise each channel well, as not all hearing aids are the same or compatible with all mobile phones, tablets, etc.

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