How to reuse newspapers and magazines

Advertising through pamphlets or magazines is one of the most common methods used by companies when it comes to publicising their brands. This usually means that our house is full of magazines and newspapers that we don't use. Today we bring you some ideas on how to make use of all these documents to help the environment.

How to reuse newspapers and magazines

Figures with paper

The most famous are the crafts made from paper, glue and water. By mixing these three components we will obtain a creamy paste that we can adapt to our taste.

To obtain a quality paste, it is advisable to use newspaper and follow the steps below:

Cut the paper into small pieces and place it in a bowl of hot water.. Do this until it forms a kind of mush.

- Remove the excess water and you will have a ball of dough. To make it sticky afterwards sprinkle some glue powder and add water to make it adhere..

Paper frames

A very good idea to make use of the paper of magazines is to framing our photos with pieces of our favourite magazines. This will give us a very personalised and fun result.

To make our frames we only have to cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of a frame and glue the images from the magazines we like the most onto it. Finally, so that no piece of cardboard comes off, we can varnish the frame with white glue.

Paper bags and baskets

Surely you have seen the typical handmade wicker chairs of the villages. Paper rods can be used to make baskets or bags by intertwining them with each other.. Newspaper strips are ideal for this because of the long length of the sheets.

Here you have the way in which you have to put the rods to make our weavings.

Paper weaving

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