How to save money at Christmas

The christmas holidays are just around the corner, as they are every year, despite the 'lean season'. Today we are going to offer you some tips on how to enjoy your holidays as usual, while spending less and in a more ecological way.

Recycled Christmas ball.

The key is to sign up for the environmentalism. The Christmas The cost of plastic materials is high: ornaments for the tree, figurines for the nativity scene... Why don't we try to opt for more sustainable alternatives, and while we're at it, why don't we try to use plastic for the nativity scene? save a few euros?

- Gifts: what would become of the Christmas without them. Well, let's try this year to give gifts a more ecological, fun and inexpensive touch. No more buying wrapping paper. We'll use leaflets from magazines or newspaper. We can cut out colours from the press, letters or drawings of shooting stars (which are very common in advertising catalogues at this time of year) and stick them on our recycled wrapping paper. We can also stick sweets with adhesive tape. Or place handmade biscuits made with original moulds.

    - Decoration: to make it useful and make it edible. We can hang small fruits from the tree that are not too heavy, such as grapes or fruits of the forest, which are also very colourful. We can also use the skin of certain fruits (lemon, orange...) cut in the shape of a star, for example. As if that wasn't enough, they will leave a pleasant aroma. On the other hand, ornaments from previous years that are already old can be reused by giving them a coat of paint or adding scraps of old clothes to give them an original touch. You can also decorate the walls, door lintels, etc., reusing newspaper with personalised designs to your liking.

    Recycled Christmas decorations.

    - Christmas tree: a natural pine tree is preferable, especially if we make sure that it has been grown in environmentally friendly greenhouses. Plastic and aluminium for artificial trees are much more costly for the planet. After the holidays are over, the natural pine trees should be recycled. There are organisations that take care of this, shred them and turn them into compost. Or you can donate them to someone you know who has a field to transplant them. On the other hand, some time ago we proposed to make a Christmas tree ourselves.

      Recycled Christmas decorations.

      - Christmas lights: so that we don't have to pay an arm and a leg for lighting Christmas it is advisable to use energy-saving lights, which have become fashionable in recent years (they are called LEDs), saving up to 90% of energy. And remember: turn off the lights during the day and also at night, when you go to bed. This way we save, we are more respectful of the planet and we will also be safer.

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