How to save money on back to school

Little by little, the time is coming when all the children go back to school to start the new school year. This change causes an added expense to the usual ones in the purchase of material. Today we propose a few tips to save you some money.

How to save money on back to school

The main expense at the start of a new school year is the cost of textbooks. One way to save money in this area is to find someone you know who can lend you books. Normally the books of a subject are usually useful from one year to the next.

If we don't find anyone who can lend us the books as well we can search on trading sites. At the end of the courses in some media such as the Internet or newspapers there is a wave of advertisements from people who no longer need the books from their last course. Through this system we can save almost 50% on most books.

Another thing that is often quite difficult is writing materials such as notebooks, pens and pencils. To save in this area, the main thing is to look for material from other years that can be useful in the current year. We often leave notebooks almost unfilled from the previous year and we can use them by removing the used pages.

In addition to these tips, one thing you should not forget is to apply for grants offered by the ministry of education every year. These grants usually cover an important part of the costs, depending on the year we are in and the economic level of our family. This type of scholarship can be applied for through the Ministry of Education's website.

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  1. Maternity Fan

    Thank you very much for the article, we would love to publish it on our fan page and for mums and dads to give us their opinion about it. Now we are also organising many flea markets in different areas of Spain so that people can buy material in good condition and at very good prices, thus fulfilling two objectives. 1 we reuse material and 2 we save money.

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