How to save yourself from the smoke of a fire

It's been a while since we've posted anything in the humour category and I haven't seen anything better to refresh it than this xD. If a fire broke out and you got locked in the bathroom, it's your lucky day, because in the following image you can see how to save yourself from drowning:

Saving yourself from a fire

Either that or you die of smoke poisoning. Seen on Microsiervos, and please don't miss the comments of the original sourceThey are not to be missed.

1 thought on “Cómo salvarte del humo de un incendio”

  1. very good when there is no other option, I recommend trying to get out as soon as possible walking on all fours and if possible go down the stairs in the same position but in the opposite direction, is what a firefighter recommended us in a drill....

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