Special: How to look for a job (II): job portals

We continue our arduous job search. Today we will talk about the job portalsThe aim is to find both temporary work on a permanent basis.

Looking for a job on the internet.

The job portals are particularly useful for permanent jobs. The great advantage is that due to its great use and success on the Internet, it covers a wide range of sectors: from engineering, to hospitality, communication or education. The main disadvantage is that the large overcrowding also means more competition when it comes to applying for the places offered. Depending on the job, there may be as many as 5 places for 800 applicants. Of course, the smaller the city you are looking for, the less competition there will be.

Screen of infojobs.

Perhaps the most used portal is Infojobs. It is also the one with which I have had the best experience because the companies have generally been serious in their selection processes. From your profile, you can find out if your application has been rejected or if you have been a finalist. In this case, in my experience, they will call you in 90% of the cases. Infojobs offers a paid account, although I personally do not recommend it (because it is not essential to find a job, I think the CV is more important). However, make sure you keep an eye on your mobile phone because if they don't manage to contact you the first time, they have so many on the waiting list that they tend to discard you and move on to the next person.

Monster is the other major JOB SEARCHERBut in my opinion, less effective than Infojobs. Why? Because fewer companies work on it. InfoempleoCompuTrabajo (allows searches in Latin American countries) and Laboris are others. portals also useful for seeking employmentalthough more modest than Infojobs. However, you should never eliminate options.

If you see the employment In your city, or even in your country, you may have thought about going abroad. At Stepstone you can check job offers in some European countries. Another alternative is to look for a job as an Au-pair, ideal for young people: modest weekly salary (around 100 euros), board and lodging in exchange for childcare and/or housework. Generally they are looking for people who speak languages (English, Russian, German...). A good site where finding a job Au-pair is Easy Aupair (they also offer Au-pairs within Spain).

Screen of easyaupair.

Finally, I propose another page that is much more limited and specific to a more concrete field: writing. If you like writing, you can try your luck on a blog. A good site for FIND JOBS of this type is Findablogger. However, keep in mind that blogging has to be a rather vocational job, that you enjoy writing and the subject matter, because unfortunately it is not enough to make a living.

You already know that you can tell us about your work experiences in the forum thanks to the job search portalsGood luck!

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